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Synergist v12.3 requires 4D Server v17

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Unbatched postings: Rather than needing to switch between viewing unbatched for sales and purchases, both counts are now displayed at the same time.

Accrued and deferred income: For companies using revenue recognition, new fields for accrued and deferred will take the place of the single existing field for deferred which contained both positive and negative values. These are now separated out into the two fields for clarity and commonly used terminology.

Revenue recognition: Nominal journal postings are now supported in Exchequer; Xero; Sage 50 Direct Interface 2016/v22 or above; Aquilla. A company switch is now available to change existing behaviour and negate the need for a monthly journal.

Xero: The below are now possible:

  • Job number is an option for the 2nd reference for Sales invoices.
  • Invoice line detail can be included - once switched on this applied to new invoices only.
  • VAT / Tax code description is now displayed on list options.



Improved design: The comments section is now on the main details tab and has filtering for comments / history / both. Other improvements are:

  • Larger area to enter details.
  • Info panel – all key fields in one place.
  • New panel to handle checklists (see below).

Batch update: It is now possible to batch complete / incomplete, change owner, status and due date via the actions button.

Creation from activity list: Activities can now be created directly from the activities table via the left hand navigation panel.

Checklists: A new feature to create checklists within an activity for items which you consider need to be completed. For a full overview, please see our section on Activity checklists.

Permissions: In user permissions 'delete' has been separated out for activities and attachments.

Document folder: Hiding document folders as a type has now been included in filtering for activities. These types of activities are typically generated automatically to store attachments so can sometimes be confusing or unnecessary in views. Existing views will need to be set up to exclude these or new views generated.



Synergist HTML documents: Along with the existing feature of attaching external documents, new documents can now be created in Synergist. This includes from scratch or template, pasting from word or excel and supports embedded fields. For a full overview, please see our section on Synergist documents.

Stages: Documents can now be attached to stages via the new attachments tab within stages.


Billing plans

Invoicing: When using revenue recognition it is now possible to override what is being pulled through to the invoice from the billing plan.

Recognised value: This value now defaults and synchronising to the planned value, but can be altered.

Locked and adjusting: A new user setting allows billing plans to be locked. As well as preventing some users to amend the billing plans there is also a new feature that recalculates the values depending on the locked status. For a full overview, please see our section on Locking and adjusting billing plans.


Calendar bookings

Requisition actioned: To help keep on top of the status of requisitions a slider button has been introduced to requisitions to say if they have been 'actioned' - ie allocated out in the calendar bookings. Actioned requisitions are also given a status in the new kanban feature mentioned below.

Descriptions: A user setting has been introduced to set what is displayed in the calendar description for those who find the current or default not useful. The options are:

  • Client name.
  • Client name and Job description.
  • Job description.
  • Phase description.
  • Requisition subject.

Scheduled stages colour: Stage colours of 2-tier jobs is now displayed in the calendar, providing 'current stage' isn't in use.

Timesheet data on requisitions: Requisitions now have a 'calendar bookings' tab displaying various data including total timesheets posted.

Copying: User preferences allows you to set descriptions and notes to be included by default when copying a booking.

Deleting future bookings: It is possible to delete all future bookings at the same time as deleting one - helpful for when a job has been cancelled.

Loading warning: A user preferences option to warn you if you are overloading by moving or adding a booking which overloads the resource. It is off by default.

Events: 'Add event' is a new feature designed to make booking in Annual leave, Training days, Sickness etc. easier. This allows both the My calendar user(s), with the correct rights, as well as the Calendar administrator(s) to simply drag and drop these from the top of the screen. For a full overview, please see our section on Calendar events.

Recurring bookings: Both bookings and events can be repeated as recurring bookings from the options available when you right click on an existing entry. For a full overview, please see our section on Recurring bookings.

Estimate list: From the list preferences options you can now choose how the remaining to be booked value is calculated. The options are:

  • Estimated - Total booked.
  • Estimated - Past timesheets and Future bookings.


My calendar

Out of office: These bookings now appear coloured grey in the loading view.

Events: Once set up and with the right permissions, users of My calendar can now enter their own events. These will appear in the main calendar bookings as draft events for the calendar administrator(s) to action on. For a full overview, please see our section on Calendar events.

Requisitions: Requisitions can now have a more significant role to play within Synergist due to the introduction of Kanban boards. My Calendar users can mark a requisition to complete as well as changing it's Kanban status. For a full overview, please see our section on My calendar requisitions.

Access rights: Now the My calendar users have more ability to input into the calendar different admin levels can be assigned to them at user level, access tab in the miscellaneous section. They are:

  • None (default): Users can view bookings, add calendar booking description & notes, and set the feedback flags
  • Amend booking colour: As above but users can also set the color of a booking (which changes the booking color in the main calendar booking screen.
  • Create special events: Users can add holidays and some other events into MyCalendar (which will also appear in the main calendar as tentative bookings).
  • Create special events & amend booking color: As above but users can also change booking colors.

Descriptions: Job number and hours booked has been added to the display along with the existing client name.

Quick timesheets: This new feature enables the user all the previous actions (feedback, requisition update etc.) with the added bonus of directly submitting the timesheet and updating the Kanban status at the same time. For a full overview, please see our section on Quick timesheets.


Clients, prospects and leads

Client prices: Jobs can now be forced to only use charge codes that are setup in client prices. For a full overview, please see our section on Client pricing.

Social media: Fields for social media are now included on the client details tab. These include:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Skype.

Leads: This is a new feature to the browser interface. For a full overview, please see our section on Leads.

Job creation: Jobs can now be created and copied from the client job tab.

Client investment: Via the Utilities section Client Investment can be recalculated from a specific date, rather than from the beginning of System setup.

Managed sales orders: This is a new feature to the browser interface allowing a Sales Order to be created at client level to go across multiple invoices and / or jobs. For a full overview, please see our section on Client managed sales orders.


Client contacts

Filter by email: This feature has been enhanced with a 'check email addresses' button which gives you a list of problem emails.

Inactive date filtering: Client contacts can now be filtered by 'inactive date' to assist with GDPR clear downs.

Job and phases tab: Both Jobs and Phases tabs are now included on the client contact forms, displaying relevant data.


Criteria and views

Saving views, tab creation: When saving a view there is now a new tick box option to 'place on own tab' this creates a tab of the saved name with a view of the filtered data. It is particularly helpful for saving certain types of data such as requisitions. For a full overview, please see our section on Views as tabs.


Data viewer

Zero value: By default, the Data Viewer only ever returns data that is present and does not accumulate values that are zero, to avoid getting surplus summarised rows. In some cases where the user wishes to summarize at a high level, there may be a use for zero values. This feature has been added to the Data viewer.

Billing plans: A new value choice of 'costs' has been added.

Requisitions: 'Hours requested' can now be output on requisition data.

Tables and fields available: The following tables have now been added so, depending on the data selected, fields from these are now available:

  • Project.
  • Sub-project / Campaign.
  • Staff resource.
  • User.

Scheduled events with pivot ready data: CSV Pivot Ready is now an option of output when scheduling saved reports.



Pipeline: This can now be filtered by clients / prospects / both.

Revenue recognition: If using this feature you can now toggle between either invoices or recognised values.

Net profit: Along with Recognised, Invoiced, Gross profit and Aged WIP Net profit is also now included as a display option.

Saving views: Apart from dates, which will always return to the default state so as not to display old data, any amends made to setting on the dashboard will be saved and defaulted to on next viewing.



Creating views: Views, available in multiple areas in Synergist, is now available in estimates. Filter as required then use the views button to save and select in future.

Remaining budget: The filter now includes a 'include remaining' dropdown which can be select as a one off display or included in a saved view. When selected addition columns are included to show remaining units and values (estimate less actual) along with additional rows at the bottom.

Packages: For customers transferring to the web version Packages is now available. NOTE: This is not a feature for the cloud product.



Sorting lines: Expense lines can be sorted by clicking on the column heading.

Copying lines: Lines can now also be copied from submitted sheets. If an unsubmitted sheet already exists they will automatically copy to there. If no unsubmitted sheets exist then a new sheet with the copied line(s) will be created.


File maintenance

User table: The copy user feature will copy key settings from the source user:

  • Approval settings
  • Permissions
  • Access rights
  • Licensing groups / modules
  • Company access and teams

Avatar: The Administrator can now add these on behalf of a user via the details tab of their user record.

Exchange rate override: A new user setting allows control as to where a user is able to change a currency exchange rate. The options are:

  • Jobs (including Opportunities)
  • Sales Invoices/Credits
  • Purchase Orders
  • Direct Expenses
  • Expense lines

Default access for new users: A new System Parameters setting can be ticked so new users default to 'no company access'. 



Custom fields: The use of custom fields is now supported on invoices. These are set up in the usual way via File Maintenance. As with other fields they then appear on the 'notes' tab and can be used for filtering.

Repeat invoices: When repeating invoices you are now presented with a dialogue box where you can amend the currency and / or exchange rate.

Bill-to client: The default 'bill-to client' for a whole job can be amend to a different client to the job client on the invoice tab. As in all cases, the 'bill-to client' can still be amended at invoice draft stage on the address tab.

Overriding default VAT: Each invoice line has a default VAT code and rate with the invoice amount calculated from this using the net value. This can now be overrided, using a sliding bar button, and a specific VAT value input.

Multi-job invoices: A filter has been added to the jobs tab of the client record to help multi job invoicing easier.


Job and phase

Job create views: A new 'options view' feature has been added for copying jobs. Previously your only options were to stick with the default or, each time, amend the default. Now you can save your own frequently used options and select those. For a full overview, please see our section on Option views.

Thermometers in jobs and phases: There 'percentage complete' now also displays as a thermometer.

Recognised value, financial tab: For those using this feature, the financial tab can now be set to display recognised values along with the existing options of invoiced or quoted.

Charts: The recognised figure can also be displayed in the chart section. The selected chart then becomes the user default on all jobs and phases.

Architects special feature: Revenue & cost plan is available on the phases tab. NOTE: This feature is only available for specifically configured systems.


Kanban boards

Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that enables you to monitor the flow of work. In Synergist, a Kanban board is represented by a number of columns – each one a ‘Kanban status.

Each column has a number of cards, and each card represents a Synergist ‘Activity’ record. The user can drag an activity from one Kanban status to another.

There are two display options available - the normal list view and the new ‘Kanban’ board. In both cases, you will see the same activities. You can switch from one display to the other using the buttons provided.

This is an entirely new feature for Synergist v12.3. For a full overview, please see our section on Kanban boards.



My tasks

Exporting: This is a legacy feature, but a simple export has now been added.


Projects and sub-projects (campaigns)

Job creation: A new project and / or sub-project can now be added at the initial job creation point.

Custom fields: These are now supported at both project and sub-project level.



Creating from the Purchases table: It is now possible to create Purchases directly from the table rather than needing to be on the phase.

'Discount' feature: For business involved in selling advertising, it is common practice for Media outlets to offer a discount to agencies selling advertising on their behalf. In this situation, instead of marking-up the known cost of a purchase, it is normal practice to look at the selling price (the recommended charge) and discount this figure to obtain the cost of the advertising. This is now supported as an additional feature. For a full overview, please see our section on Purchase discount feature.



Saving views: Quote 'builds' can be saved as a view from the 'Advanced quote' button at both job and phase level on the Quote tab.



Purchase orders: Option to include/exclude cancelled purchase orders.

Purchase invoices awaited: The following fields have been added to the export

  • Job description.
  • Phase description.
  • Project.
  • Sales invoice number.

Client analysis: Value column renamed to "Variance".

Staff utilization: Totals and the ability to sort by staff team have been added.


Supplier contact

GDPR clear down feature: The existing feature for clients is now available at supplier contact level.



Auto save: In weekly timesheet the system will now auto save every 30 seconds.

Additional timesheet: Once weekly timesheets had been posted the cells were locked. A new feature now allows you to add 'additional' timesheets to an already posted cell. For a full overview, please see our section on Additional weekly timesheets.


General enhancements

Hover texts: The system now provides contextual hovers, to enable users to see key data in lists without opening records or drilling down.


Advanced features

SQL database replication: New facility to specify which tables are included in the replication to an SQL database.

Utilities: It is now possible to amend an existing Client or Supplier code.

API v3.3: The new version includes full create/read/write access to Client and Client contact records. For a full overview, please see https://apidoc.synergist.co.uk


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