My Calendar requisitions

Jo Grant -

If you have work booked into your calendar via a requisition, you have the option to mark a requisition as completed. Obviously, you should only do this if you are sure all the work related to the requisition is complete.

Kanban boards rely on the requisitions Complete status as well as the Kanban status. To make this easier, the process is automatic. If a requisition is marked as ‘Complete’, the Kanban status is automatically updated. Similarly, if you un-complete a requisition, the Kanban status is also adjusted.

However, for those who wish to use the Kanban system in a more sophisticated manner, it is possible to manually update the Kanban status from within MyCalendar.

You may have a workflow process that requires all work completed to go through a QA stage. If this were the case, a Kanban stage called ‘QA’ might be added to the workflow. On finishing the work, you would then set the Kanban stage of the requisition to ‘QA’ rather than simply completing the requisition:

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