Activity Checklists

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Updated for Synergist version 12.5

Checklists are a simple method of tracking specific tasks required before the activity record should be considered fully actioned. You can have many items and many checklists on any one activity.

Activity checklists have the following features:

  • Multiple checklists can be added to a single activity

  • You can drag items from one checklist to another (on the same activity)
  • If a checklist is added to an activity record on a Job template it appears as a template to select when creating a new checklist. In this way you can set up a set of standard checklists.

  • Checklists are very easy to create –the interface is designed rapidly create a list of items

  • Ticking an item marks it as ‘complete’, and strikethroughs the item description

  • You can hide completed items


Crating a new checklist

Simply click 'New checklist’ and enter a name for your checklist:

Alternatively, you can choose to copy an existing checklist. The list here displays checklists from activities on all job templates:

Your checklist

Once your check list is set up you can easily:

  • add new items
  • delete existing items.
  • tick items as complete.
  • hide ticked items.
  • add more checklists.


Tick the box to the left of any item to mark that item as complete.  The progress bar across the top of the checklist will update to reflect overall completeness of the checklist.  The progress bar colour changes to green once all items are marked as complete.

Hover text about an item will be displayed showing created / modified / completed by user, date and time.

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