Billing plans: Locking and adjusting

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Updated for Synergist 12.5

It is possible for users, with the appropriate access level, to lock and unlock billing plans. In addition to this, the system will automatically lock a billing plan against any changes once it has been used to generate an invoice.

Locked billing plans
You can see if a billing plan is locked by looking at the billing plan list on a job/phase. Locked billing plan items have a padlock visible:

Locking/unlocking a billing plan item
This is done using the checkbox on the billing plan:

Recalculating a billing plan
If you have locked a billing plan item which is synchronised with a quote and the total quote for the job or phase changes, you need to decide whether the entire plan or just the remaining part of the plan is to be updated to take into account the change to the quote.

How the system behaves depends on a company setting option.

These are:

  • Recalculate all BPs (this is the system default).
  • Recalculate unlocked BPs.
  • Recalculate unlocked BPs to match quote value.

Company settings – billing plans page


Examples of how each of these options will affect your billing plan
In each of these examples, the quote was originally £1000 and has now changed to £2000, the 50% value is locked; the 20% and 30% are unlocked.

Recalculate all BPs

  • 50%   £1000
  • 20%   £400
  • 30%   £600

Recalculate unlocked BPs

  • 50% adjusted to 25% (£500 planned value stays the same)
  • 20%   £400
  • 30%   £600

Total 75% of quote.
Unplanned value £500

If you need to plan for 100% you would need to either add a new BP for 25% or adjust the unlocked BPs manually.

Recalculate unlocked BPs to match quote value

  • 50%  adjusted to      25%    £500 (planned value stays the same)
  • 20%  adjusted to      32.5% (half of the “25%” balance is added) - £650
  • 30%  adjusted to      42.5% (half of the “25%” balance is added) - £850

Total  100%

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