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Typically when buying off a third party supplier the Synergist feature for marking-up a purchase estimate/order is ideal. In this way, the recommended charge-out price associated with a purchase can be automatically calculated. The default percentage markup is determined by the “PO markup” on the client or supplier record.

However, for businesses involved in selling advertising, it is common practice for Media outlets to offer a discount to agencies selling advertising on their behalf. In this situation, instead of marking-up the known cost of a purchase, it is normal practice to look at the selling price (the recommended charge) and discount this figure to obtain the cost of the advertising.


Selling price for advertising            £100,000
Discount offered to agency            15%
Cost of the purchase order            £85,000

Synergist uses the 'discount' feature to support this way of working.

Setting up a discount style ‘Media’ supplier

Create or open a supplier in the usual way from the list of suppliers. On the ‘Financial/Notes’ tab change the ‘Markup method’ from ‘Markup %’ to ‘Discount%.

Then set the default percentage discount offered by this media supplier.

Creating a ‘discount’ style purchase estimate

Create a purchase estimate / order in the normal way. As part of this procedure, you will select a supplier. If the supplier you select is a media supplier, who is set to use ‘Discount%’, the purchase order will automatically be set to being a discount style purchase. However, you can change this if you ever need to by selecting a different ‘Markup method’.

Entering the purchase order selling price (recommended charge out value)

In this way of working, with a discount % mark up method, you enter the selling price in the charge out box and Synergist automatically calculates the cost to the agency using the discount percentage:

Using discount with purchase order lines

If you are using purchase order lines to create your purchase/estimate, the same principle applies.

The default discount is picked up from the supplier and appears under the disc % column.
You then enter the amount the client is to be charged in the Charge Out column:

On tabbing out of the field, the system applies the discount to the line and updates the Cost Total:

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