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Updated for Synergist version 12.5

The 'events' feature in Calendar bookings and My calendar makes it easier to create entries for holidays & sickness. Instead of being limited to the Calendar booking administrator selecting estimates on ‘holiday jobs’ from the main list, users with the correct permissions can drag from this list of special charge codes.

Using the feature
The user clicks the ‘Add event’ button at the top of the calendar:

Select a charge-code
The list of available charge-codes will then appear:

Drag to the calendar
One of these items can then be dragged to the calendar:

Booking input screen
A floating window will then appear where the user can specify the number of days of the event, description etc.:

The calendar screen
The bookings will then appear in the calendar:

Note: By default, when booking across non-working days & weekends these days remain unbooked. If you wish to specifically create a booking on a non-working day, you must drop the item directly on the non-working day.

Amending or deleting a booking
To amend or delete a series of bookings click the ‘Edit’ button:

Setting up charge-codes for the MyCalendar ‘Add event’ feature
Only special charge-codes are available for this feature. It is advised that you only create a limited selection of these since they all appear at the top of the calendar.

Charge-code for booking into MyCalendar
Create a charge-code (or use an existing one) and select the following fields:

  • Select ‘[ ] Book from MyCalendar’
  • Select ‘Event type’ (‘holiday’ or ‘other’)
  • Typically set this as an ‘Out of office’ charge code
  • Select internal jobs


Creating a job to activate a special charge-code
You will then need to create a blank estimate on at least one job. This is necessary since every booking in Synergist must be allocated to a job phase.

Note: If you allocate the charge-code to more than one job, the user will have to select one of these when they create the booking.

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