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Exporting to csv: A batch, or awaiting transactions, can now be exported as a csv file.

Kashflow integration: The 2nd reference, or job number (depending on your settings) now output to the specific field in Kashflow (as opposed to being added to the line description).


Activities and attachments

Activity list: The columns have been redesigned and hover over text added to key fields.

Follow-up activities: It is now possible to create a new, follow up, activity from within an existing activity. For a full overview, please see our section on Follow-up activites.

Activity alerts: Comments / history alerts will now be sent to activity owners and secondary owners if immediate alert is set. For a full overview, please see our section on Activity alerts.

Activities export: Job description has been added to this export available via the activities table.


Billing plans

Changing exchange rates: When generating an invoice from billing plans you will able to change the exchange rate, if applicable.

Report / export: An additional column for recognised value has been added to this.

Remaining to plan: The amount left to plan is now displayed in the top right of the BP tab.

Default offset: If you choose to set relative dates as the default in company settings you can now have a default offset too.

Invoicing: You can select multiple billing plans to generate one invoice from.

Revenue recognition: If using the revenue recognition feature, billing plans now include a field to allow for recognised value which also flows through to the invoice, if invoicing from the plan. For a full overview, please see our section on Billing Plans and Revenue Recognition.



Tender line details: Tender lines now have the standard line detail field added below them for extra notes.


GDPR and clients & contacts

GDPR: Features have been added to Synergist to help you achieve compliance with the new laws regarding data protection which come into affect in May 2018. For a full overview, please see our section on GDPR.

Ex-clients: If you have a prospect that was once a client, then can now be marked as an ex client. Views and filters can be generated using this as an option.

Invoice content builder: The client record has an invoice content tab where you can select to override the standard, company wide, settings and apply different default settings for this client.

Linked client: On the job and phase tab of the client record, those records relating to linked clients have that client name showing in the client column. This is to help differentiate between the two.


Calendar bookings

Loading view: There are now two views available in calendar bookings, Standard View and Loading View. Loading view is a new feature. For a full overview, please see our section on Loading view.

Single day view: You now have the option to view a single day, in addition to the weekly, daily options.

Filtering and batch actions: It is now possible to filter the bookings by right clicking on a single bookings. Bulk options to move, revert or confirm bookings are then available. For a full overview, please see our section on Filtering and batch booking options.

List preferences: The default bookings list can now be filtered by requisitions, or not, with an additional field available in list preferences.

Requisitions: It is now possible to open the requisition from within the calendar booking. It is also possible to view any related bookings from within the requisition with the introduction of a new calendar bookings tab.

Job access / booking: As well as viewing existing bookings from the job phase estimate tab, it is also now possible to make a booking from this area. For a full overview, please see our section on Booking and viewing from job/phase.

Spliter enhancement: The splitter can now be dragged up or down to increase or decrease the visible rows respectively.

Right click on bookings: We have introduced the ability to right click on a booking which will bring up several useful options, including:

  • Edit: opens up the booking.
  • Copy: which produces a duplicate booking.
  • Delete.
  • Revert to draft / confirm (as applicable).
  • Open related job / phase / estimate.
  • Filter: by client / job / phase.

Booking form: The booking form has been redesigned to include more features. For a full overview of this, please see our section on Calendar Booking Form.

Get estimates / requisition: This now automatically filters and displays using your last used set of preferences. The 'list preferences' can be clicked to manually open the amend amend the filter options.


My Calendar

For a full overview on the below features, please see our section on My Calendar.

Summary bookings: The user interface has been enhanced to enable you to assess all the required information, add timesheets and also now feedback to the calendar administrator.

Quick / full timesheet: There are now two options to timesheet from the calendar interface, either quick of full.

Timer / timer lists: The timer is now available directly from the calendar interface.

Requisitions / attachments: These can be viewed, opened and / or downloaded directly from the calendar interface.


Calendar bookings feedback

This is a new feature which allows the timesheet users to feedback the current status to the calendar administrator in real time.

This feature is accessed via the status section and includes emoticons for:

  • In progress.
  • Completed (including completed with timesheet).
  • More time required (including an alert sent).
  • Stalled (including an alert sent).

The users also have the ability to amend the colour of individual bookings allowing you the scope for your own colour coding.

For a full overview, please see our section on Feedback on My Calendar.


Estimating & quoting


  • Foreign currency: There is now a switch on the estimate screen so you can see the charge out values in the foreign currency.
  • Purchase estimates: Line detail notes have been added to below each line detail within purchase estimates, lines tab.
  • Add estimate to quote: You can now select a line and append it to an existing quote by using 'push to quote'. This is handy for additional lines added after the initial quote.


  • Multi select: There is now one tick box at the top of all the lines to select, or deselect, all.


Jobs & phases

Transferring costs: It is now possible to transfer costs between jobs and phases. For a full overview, please see our section on Transferring costs.

Re-costing: It is now possible to re-cost a job from within the job. This feature is useful for updating retrospective costs. For a full overview, please see our Full Release Notes.

Monthly phases: 'Select all' has been added to the monthly phases section to speed things up.

Two-tier jobs: Stages on two tier jobs can now be marked to include / exclude costs.

List columns: The owner's code has been replaced with the owner's initials to make this more user friendly.



Batch actions: Several batch actions are now available from the invoice table including: Totalling; Repeating; Marking as ready for approval; Approving; Making real.

Export: It is now possible to export draft and real invoices from the invoice table.

Net to invoice: Net to invoice value is included in the job invoice tab in the top right.

Final invoiced warning: You will be warned during invoice creation if any job / phases have already been final invoiced.

Line detail: Line details are now available for each line description.



Data viewer:

  • Opportunities: Estimate and actual time have been added to value to show units rather than monetary values.
  • Date to use: This has been added as a drop down with Created, Modified, Due and Completed available.
  • Tick box to include negative figures: This is sometimes desirable rather than all data entities being added together. For a full overview, please see our Full Release Notes.

Period profit: This now displays both gross and net profit on the same report - however you can select it to run with gross profit only if you prefer.

Costs & quotes: The variance column has been added to the export version.

WIP detail: The export version of this can be run directly from the job / phase header for that specific job / phase.

Billing plans summary: This is a new standard report. The selected jobs or phases will be displayed with quoted and billing plan value. It can be ran to include only those with a plan and quote.


Revenue Management

This feature has been introduced to the browser interface. For a full overview, please see our section on Revenue Recognition.


Supplier & purchases

Attachments: It is now possible to add attachments to suppliers, purchase orders and purchase invoices.

Company registration field: A field for company registration number has been added to supplier records.

Exports: Supplier and supplier contacts can be exported from their tables.

Order tab: Supplier records have an order tab where relevant purchase orders can be viewed.

Custom fields: Custom fields can be added to the supplier record.

Category field: The Category field is now a look-up meaning it can be tailored as required.

Colour key: The purchase order list is now colour coded. For a full overview, please see our section on Purchase Orders.

Options: Purchase estimates can now be marked as an option - this allows flexibility during quoting. For a full overview, please see our section on Purchase Options.

Invoices tab: It is now possible to create a Purchase Invoice from the invoice tab of the Purchase Order. This is for those with a 1:1 relationship.


Timesheets (weekly)

Action button: It is now possible to copy an existing line from the actions button.

Default charge code: If the user has no default charge code set in their staff record then this will default to blank for the user to select as desired.


General features

Hover text: This is now visible in nearly all relevant areas including:

  • Job list - hovering over the client column will display the client information.
  • Multi tabs - the company, as well as the area, will now display (useful for those working in multiple companies).

Automatic searching: Search fields will now automatically start searching without the need to click the magnifying glass icon.

Standard paragraphs: Frequently used phrases and paragraphs can be pre in put as standard paragraphs and then pulled in using the '#' symbol. A date stamp can also be brought in as standard in the same way. For a full overview, please see our section on Standard paragraphs.


Advanced features

Multiple browser tabs: You can now have multiple browser tabs of the same Synergist session open at the same time on the same browser. For a full overview, please see our section on Multiple browser tabs.

Links within Email alerts: Email alerts now contain links to the relevant areas. For a full overview, please see our section on Email alerts.

Scheduled events: You can now select a schedule and chose to run it now.

Server path: You can now test the server path for attachments is working in the setup tab.

Administrator user category / Assume identity: Users now have an additional dropdown field for category. This is set to either standard or administrator. If you are either an administrator user, or logged in as The Administrator, you would have the ability to create new users and assume other's identity. For a full overview, please see our section on Administrator users.

File maintenance tables: Option to import / export are is now available.



The new Synergist API v3.2 adds new functionality and consolidates the previous Synergist APIs. For more information, please contact Synergist support on support@synergist.co.uk

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