Purchase order / estimate as options

Jo Grant -

If you have options ticked to be active on the switches tab of company settings, then a purchase estimate and order can be marked as an ‘Option’. By doing this any quote generated from the estimate will automatically reflect the optional character of this purchase.

Typically, this feature can be employed when you wish to quote your client for design & artwork, and then have a separate section on the quote for ‘Options’. In this options area of the quotation, the client would be offered various choices with regard to print-runs.

To generate this quotation you would have typically put the print purchase out to tender and may now have several purchase estimates from various print suppliers. Each of these purchase estimates may have several purchase lines showing the prices on offer for different print runs.


A purchase order would then be selected for the quote but marked as an OPTION to make it clear that only part of the purchase order is to be ordered since it contains various options – multiple prices. The quote, if generated from the estimate, will automatically include the purchase estimate and display this as an ‘option’ in the quote.

The client will make a choice as to which print-run option he/she wants to go with. At this point, the purchase order would normally be amended by picking the appropriate lines and its ‘Option’ flag will be un-ticked. At this point a new ‘non-option’ quote can be generated and sent to the client.

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