Activity alerts

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There are three different types of alerts that can be setup from within activities. Each of these will send an email to the relevant people (eg activity owners, internal job contacts and handler) containing information and links to the activity and related clients, jobs, phases etc.

Reminder alert:
This is set by selecting an option from the Reminder drop down field:


The dropdown is related to the Date due and Time due fields above and ranges from 0 minutes to 3 months with various options in between.
An alert will be sent at the relevant date and time based on the reminder selected.

Immediate alert: This has two functions. It will initially send and email alert to let relevant parties know that the activity has been generated. Following that an update will be sent for every update of comments / history.

Alert on completion: When the 'complete' tick box is updated an alert will be sent to relevant parties.


NOTE: Alerts will not be sent to the 'current user'. As examples: if you complete the activity and are a relevant owner you won't receive the email, but others will; if you set an 'immediate alert' and are a relevant owner you will not receive an email, but others will.

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