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If you are using the scheduling function of Synergist you'll find your calendar, with all the work that has been allocate to you, via the left hand navigation panel under 'Scheduling'. You will have both 'Calendar bookings' and 'My calendar' available regardless of access rights:


My Calendar displays the month's calendar, but can be amended to week or day using the top options. Months can also be scrolled back or forth and a calendar is available to select specific dates.

Only confirmed, real bookings will be displayed here.

When moving your cursor over booking you will see 'hover over' text displaying key information on the booking. If you single click into a booking you will get a more in depth display along with a link to timesheet the items of the booking. Clicking on the timesheet link will bring up the weekly timesheet with the information from the booking pre populated but available to edit before submitting.


Calendar bookings gives you an overview of all staff on the scheduling system. As well as the typical viewing options by month / day or number of weeks, you also have a 'preferences' to allow some filtering of the view. For more information on the this section, please see Calendar bookings.


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