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Updated for Synergist version 12.5

You can choose to show activities in Calendar Bookings and My Calendar. This is useful if you are using activities as work tickets, where users log time directly through an activity. This is a more agile working method, where estimates and regular calendar bookings are avoided. Activities are used to assign tasks to users or to allow them to self-assign from the kanban board. 

Display of activities in calendars

The activity will show in Calendar Bookings against the activity owner and in the activity owner's My Calendar.

  • The date and duration of the booking is taken from the start and due date/time on the activity. 
  • When the activities are marked as complete, the bookings are removed from Calendar Bookings and My Calendar. 
  • A booking colour can be set on the activity.
  • Bookings from activities are distinguished from regular bookings by a running person icon. 


Enabling an activity to be visible in calendars

  • System wide - Go to Settings, File Maintenance. Open Activity types. Open the relevant activity type from the list, select 'Owner' for the show in calendar options. Save and close. 
  • Individual activities - To disable or enable visibility of an activity per activity, click on the calendar icon next to the owner icon. A cross through the calendar means that it is not visible in calendars.


  • Activities also need to be made visible in 'Preferences' in both Calendar Bookings and My Calendar. Tick 'Display activities in calendar'. 


Note that this type of booking is not a regular calendar booking so is not included in reporting on time booked nor are they included in the calculation for the loading view in Calendar Bookings. 

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