v12.1 release overview

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User interface
Improvements have been made to ordering open tabs and user lists. For details on this, please see the full release notes.

Scheduling - Calendar bookings
Requisitions: These are a special type of Activity record that a user can raise to request some work be allocated via the Calendar Bookings system. The user can suggest the number of hours, the resource and the charge code for the booking. In a requisition these are just the preferred values; the person making the bookings can override these defaults and make a decision based on the resources available at the time.
For a full overview, please see our section on Requisitions.

Bookings without an estimate: Calendar bookings have always, until now, relied on jobs being estimated prior to allocating work to staff. This standard way of working is still fully supported and is the most rigorous way of organizing the planning of resource allocation. However, there are some situations where a Synergist user might wish to book a staff resource into the calendar without first creating an estimate. The new requisition system, outlined above, allows for this scenario.
When processing a requisition the system will automatically allocate the booking to an estimate if it already exists. Otherwise it will simply create a zero hour estimate, for the selected charge code, at the point of booking the requisition into the calendar.

Hiding / showing estimates: The browser calendar now supports hiding and showing previously booked items. This is done by clicking the 'eye' icon to hide and checking the ‘display hidden estimates’ checkbox respectively.

Shift work: New features have been added to the browser calendar to support shift working.
For a full overview, please see our section on Shift work.

Colours: 'My calendar' now displays the same colour coding that is used in the Calendar bookings module.

Time & expenses
Daily timesheets:
The timer feature that was previously only available in the weekly timesheet view is now available for daily timesheets.

Charge code types: These are now supported for filtering on the web if they are set up as a grouping option for charge codes.

Weekly timesheets: Option to ad hoc hide/show overtime. If hiding then any existing overtime entered will remain displayed.

Weekly timesheets: Now have a 'submit / post all' option.

Billings forecast: You can now include or exclude opportunities from this chart.
The planned values (billing plans) can also be displayed by their weighted value. The weighted value is based on the % weighted value shown on the job details / sales info section of the job/opportunity. However, there is also an optional weighting override feature that can be applied to each billing plan entry. If this is being used the chart weights the billing plan entry by this weighting %.

My team option: In addition to 'all' and 'current user' options, dashboards can now be filtered by 'My Team'.
For a full overview, please see our section on Dashboard filters.

Quoting and estimating
Quick estimate: This interface has been enhanced to included:

  • Staff columns.This enables the user to see at a glance when a charge code has been estimated and allocated to a specific member of staff
  • Staff selector. By selecting a member of staff in the staff drop down list you can allocate work to a specific member of staff.
  • Multi-stage view available. This is required for jobs using stages (2 tier)

Job level quick estimating: The ability to create quick estimates at job level for your phase(s).

Hover text in estimate tab: If you hover over the icons on the estimate you will see the supplier name / staff name associated with the estimate line.

Quote lines: When building a quote you can now join lines to create a single line. You can also duplicate a line by using the ‘copy’ feature.

Tenders: Multiple suppliers can now be selected at the same time.

Clients & Jobs
Company registration number: This is now a standard free text field at client level on the details tab.

Batch update: This is now available at Client, Job and Phase level.

Linked clients: Parent and child relationships between clients can be created via a link.
For a full overview, please see our section on Linked clients.

Monthly phases: It is possible to add new monthly phases - typically used for retainer type jobs.
For a full overview, please see our section on Monthly phases.

Stages: This is now a section available in the left hand navigation menu where a list of stages can be directly accessed.

Account link
Posting to external accounts system: We have now added the accounts posting module to the browser interface.
For a full overview, please see our section on Accounts link.
Please note: For technical reasons links to ‘Sage 50 Direct Interface’ and ‘Exchequer’ will still require Synergist Connect / 4D client to carry out the actual posting procedure.

Sage 200 account link: Option added to exclude the export of the invoice due date from the export to Sage 200. This enables Sage to dictate the payment terms.

Custom fields: Custom fields are now supported for Activities.

Download all: You can now download all the attachments in the list with one click

Supplier prices: These are now available in the browser interface (non-material only).

Delivery addresses: These are now fully supported in the browser interface.

Invoice tab: This has now been provided in the browser interface.

Invoice backing sheet: The option to print an invoice backing sheet (typically listing associated costs) is now available via the web.

VAT table: A text field has been added to the VAT table to allow a VAT reference / descriptor.  This is a common requirement in OB10 / e-billing solutions.

Auto billing plans: There is now the option to switch to manual / auto via the actions button on the billing plans tab.

Saving reports: Saving a report view is now supported via the web.

Purchase invoices awaited: The export version now has 1st delivery date and final delivery date added - this is dependent on ‘delivery’ activated in company settings.

Sales turnover: New columns: Currency Net; Vat; Gross; Currency code; Currency name; Exchange rate.

Profit by invoice: New columns: Currency Net; Vat; Gross; Currency code; Currency name; Exchange rate.

The latest documentation can be found here: https://apidoc.synergist.co.uk
For full details on new areas and support, please see the full release notes.

Advanced features / set-up
Re-cost: This feature now supports material charge update.

Querying data: Multi job / phase / supplier / client selection is now available.

Scheduler list: This now has an actions button to allow more options, such as 'run scheduled event now'.

User groups: It is possible to exclude user groups from saving views.

Mobile app access: Access to the synergist mobile app can now be controlled at two levels: globally from the system parameters; individually from the user settings.

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