v12.0 release overview

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Web user interface:
The web product has had a complete makeover. All the screens follow a consistent design to make the product intuitive and easy to use. The overall design adheres to concepts you will be used to in the Desktop application so no additional training will be needed. If you are already familiar with the Desktop application you will feel at home with Synergist Web. For those new to Synergist the web version is even easier to navigate.
For a full overview, including screenshots, see out section on User interface.

Jobs & Opportunities:
The input form for jobs / opportunities is similar to what you are used to seeing in the desktop product. However, there are some differences. Some of the tabs have been re-designed for ease of use. For example, instead of replacing the job/phase UI when creating documents like purchase orders, quick estimates, quotations etc. ,Synergist Web will open a new tab – which keeps the interface tidy and means you can have several documents open simultaneously.
For a full overview, including screenshots, see out section on Jobs & opportunities.

Financial Screen:
The financial tab gives you everything you need, at a glance, to see how a job or phase of a job is performing. Several charts are now provided, with bar charts showing job progress metrics and a large column chart which defaults to showing actual costs against estimated costs.
For a full overview, including screenshots, see our section on the Financial tab.

Gantt Charts:
Synergist Web supports job level Gantt charts. From the job phases tab you can either view the phases of the job as a simple list or as a sophisticated Gantt chart.
Please note: Dependencies are not supported in the Desktop version of Synergist.
For a full overview, including screenshots, see our section on Gantt Charts.

Estimating has never been easier. If you are using the 2 tier option (breaking your estimate into stages), you can now create these directly from the estimate tab. Typically you will then use the ‘Quick estimate’ feature to create a group of tasks required for the Phase / stage. 
For a full overview, including screenshots, see our section on Estimating.

Synergist Web supports many of the advanced quoting features that we see in the desktop version of the product, e.g. line formatting, quote options, quote discounts and the ability to build different versions of the quote defined by pre-set quote views.
For a full overview, including screenshots, see our section on Quoting.

Invoices can be generated based on a quotation, billing plans, job descriptions or just typed in manually. If you have several jobs that need billing on a single invoice this is also possible.
Invoice approval is also available in Synergist Web, with the approval status clearly displayed at the top of the invoice. An invoice remains a draft until it has been approved and ‘made real’.

From within a job phase you can create purchase estimates and purchase orders. Once the supplier submits a purchase invoice, it can be entered into the system via the ‘Purchase invoices’ Interface. 
Enhancements have been made to this screen in the Synergist Web version. The unallocated purchase orders now appear directly under the invoice details section. To allocate one or more purchase orders to the invoice just click the ‘Allocate’ button. The allocated purchase orders then appear below. Once the invoice is fully allocated the list of unallocated purchase orders is automatically hidden. Allocating nominal codes and posting is the same process as is used in the Desktop version.

Time & materials, expense entry and approval:
 If you wish to continue to use the older ‘Beta’ version of the Time and Expenses module you should not upgrade to v12. This module is no longer available once you have upgraded from v11.
For a full overview, including screenshots, please see our sections on:

Weekly timesheet entry

Daily timesheet entry

Material entry

Timesheet approval

Expense entry

Expense approval


Standard reports:
A selection of key reports is available. These are presented in panels and are grouped together in a similar fashion to the desktop application.
For a full overview, please see our section on Standard reports.

Data viewer:
The Data viewer is now also available on the web. This powerful tool has been enhanced to support all key fields in the database (including user defined fields), and now supports multiple data types using separate filters. This means complex data views can be created and saved. There are various output options including ‘on screen table’, ‘chart’ & ‘export’.

Calendar bookings:
The scheduling module is a comprehensive work allocation tool. Tasks that are created during the estimating process can be allocated to staff in the master calendar. Tasks are simply drag & dropped into the schedule and can be automatically color-coded. Real, draft & tentative bookings can be made, and the display filtered by team / resource.
Items allocated in the Calendar bookings scheduler will then appear in the user’s personal Synergist calendar. These bookings will also appear automatically at the top of a user’s weekly timesheet form – for ease of creating timesheets.

Setting and File maintenance:
Access to Company settings, File maintenance & Utilities is available via the web, subject to access rights.
Details can be found in our section on Settings.

External access to Synergist:
Since Synergist Web runs in a browser it is possible to access your Synergist system from anywhere in the world. However, this is only possible if your server is configured to allow access from outside of your local network. In order to set this up have a word with your IT manager or contact the helpdesk for further information on support@synergist.co.uk.

Feature set of Synergist Web:
Although Synergist web supports the core Synergist features, it is not as comprehensive in its functionality as the desktop application. Here is a link to a document that outlines the main differences: WebvsDesktop

Synergist Cloud:
You may also have heard the term ‘Synergist Cloud’. This is a service we provide which locates your Synergist system external to your local infrastructure i.e. ‘in the cloud’. Companies who wish to transfer their current on-site installation into the cloud will eventually be able to do so. However, this service is not currently available.

Please note:
This on line help is for v12 onwards detailing the web interface only. Information on earlier versions or on the desktop version and features only available there, please see our on line help for v11.

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