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Quoting is your client facing financial section of the Synergist process.

Quoting may be done at job, phase or both job and phase level depending on your setup.
These notes reference phase level quoting, but can be applied if available at job level.

Quotes can be generated from an estimate entirely, by editing or deleting what is built from the estimate, or from new using the add line option:

There are several ways to pull through the information entered on the estimate:
The Build quote - from estimate option will present you with standard system view from which to choose from, along with any custom views created:

The Quick quote is a one-click option wish pulls through the estimate using your own default view.
Advanced quote will produce a pop up with options on how to pull the estimate through if none of the above suite:

Revisions is an option so may, or may not, be displayed. It allows quotes to be saved away and restored as and when required.

Once lines exist, they can be edited, deleted or moved around in order of appearance. Lines can also be expanded to input or show existing details:

In addition to this lines can be marked as billable or non billable:

As well as standard, option or picked:

For more information on this see the quoting options section.



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