Creating new Synergist HTML documents

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As well as supporting the attaching of existing external documents to various areas of Synergist. E.g. Activities, Client, jobs and phases, Synergist also allows you to create new documents inside Synergist. In this case, the ‘document’ is a special HTML one. This ‘Synergist document’ is editable within Synergist, utilizing the built in document editor.

These documents are not designed to be accessed externally to Synergist. If you wish to send the document to a client or colleague, you simply click the PDF button, and download a PDF version of the document.

Synergist provides a fully featured WYSIWYG editor that handles images as well as formatted text. It also provides an image editor.

Administrators with access to File Maintenance, can also create Synergist document templates. These document templates can include embedded fields, which are merged into a newly created document to include client or job information.


Creating a new ‘Synergist document’

A user can create a document from any attachments tab (clients, jobs, phases, activities etc) in Synergist by clicking the 'Create' button:


The user can now just type in text, or select to insert images – similar to working in a Word document.


Pasting in a Word/excel document

If you open a Word or Excel document and copy the contents to the clipboard, you can then paste this data into a Synergist document.


Synergist will ask if you wish to keep the Word formatting or clean it up. If you clean it up the document will have less redundant markup – but will have less of the original formatting.



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