Multi factor authentication (MFA)

David Stevenson -

You can add a second authentication factor to Synergist user accounts.  This can either be via an email or an authenticator app on your mobile device.  

To set this up click on your profile avatar in the top right of the screen then click the bigger avatar (as if you were loading a new avatar picture).


Click the generate MFA code button and choose between email and app for secondary authentication - if you wish to request a code by email every time you log in you don't need to do anything else, you will just have to click the link on the MFA login page to request a code to be emailed to the address on your user account.

A simpler way to get a code is to use an authenticator application to generate one as required.  Scan the QR code displayed with the camera on your mobile device to add a new account to your authenticator app or add the account manually by entering the 16 digit code displayed below the QR code.

Close the tab and log out - you will need to supply a 6 digit code next time (and every time subsequently) you log in.

If you wish to remove the second factor you can do so for your own account in this same interface by clicking remove MFA code.  If you are responsible for administrating other user accounts you can also remove the second factor from any user account by opening the account via file maintenance and clicking the remove MFA button on the user details tab.  Note this button will only be displayed if the user account has activated MFA for their account.


As soon as the code is removed the user will be able to log in just by supplying username & password.

To force MFA across the system see Force multi-factor authentication (MFA).



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