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Activity types can be deleted, amended or added in File maintenance under 'Client and CRM':

The system comes with default activity types with descriptions and categories as shown below:

These can be deleted, amended or added to - although the categories available will only ever be those shown.

Requisitions are a special type of activity category used predominantly for calendar bookings. For more information on them, please see our section on Requisitions and Calendar bookings.

Creating a new activity type:

Once you click the new button you will be presented with the below input form to fill in as required:

Code: This is for you to determine to fit in with your own site formatting.

Category: This can be selected from the five system set options available on the drop down.

Description: This is what will be displayed to the user when selecting a new activity so should be a user friendly short description of the activity type.

Display order: This can be used if you do not wish your activity types to display in the default alphabetic order. If using, then all types will need a display order with the same digit length (i.e. if using 10 or more use 01, 02 etc.)

Active: This needs to be ticked if it is to be in use.

Immediate / Completion alert on by default: This determines if this is ticked as standard on all new activities of this type. For more information on this feature, please see our section on Activity alerts.

Show job/phase/stage time & bookings: This displays 'Calendar bookings' and 'Time' tabs on the activity. Any linked calendar bookings and actual timesheets will be listed on the respective tabs. This only applies to requisition type activities. 

Allow on Kanban boards: Activities of this type are visible in the Kanban view when this setting is ticked. 

Display on Gantt charts: Activities of this type are visible in Gantt views when this setting is ticked, and when activities are selected to be included in Gantt chart preferences. Ticking this option within the activity type makes a secondary option visible - 'Milestones'. That setting shows the activity as a milestone, rather than a bar on the Gantt. 

Default to show in calendars: Selecting 'Owner' makes activities of that type default to being visible in the activity owner's calendar. See the Show activities in calendar bookings article for more information.

Allow time sheet: Set to the activity owner only or anyone - this will add a 'Quick timesheet' button to the activity, which will take the user straight into a quick timesheet interface when clicked.  

Default the activity creator: This can set the creator of the activity as the default owner, the watcher, both or none, as required. 

Requisition only settings

Owner set by latest calendar booking: This feature changes the owner on the activity to the staff that has the most recently created (not dated) calendar booking from that requisition. 

Hide requisition specific fields: This hides the 'Hours', 'Preferred person' and 'Charge code' fields specific to requisition type activities. 


Topics: The second tab of the activities table allows you to insert a list of topics that may be relevant to this activity. These are a selection of standard text blocks that you might want to pull into the details section of activities. For instance, for a phone call you might be for ever typing in ".. contact unavailable - call back later". You could set this up as a topic that can then be selected from a list of topics when creating the activity. Similarly you might want to create a list of headings to remind you what should be entered against an activity. 

Amending an activity type:
Single click to open up the record and amend as required. Save and close.

Deleting an activity type:
Simply tick the box of the activity type you wish to delete and click delete at the top.


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