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The re-cost jobs utility is available from within a single job or a single phase, and is also available on the batch update menu on the job and phase lists.  It is useful to correct actual cost & charge out values on time & materials submitted in the past based on updated current costs / charge rates set in file maintenance.

Access to this feature is controlled by the Job Utilities user permission:



For a single job or phase the utility can be run via the job / phase actions buttons:


This will display the re-cost options:


To re-cost a selection of jobs or phases open the relevant list and either filter the list to include those jobs / phases to be re-costed, or select the jobs to be re-costed from a larger list by ticking the box next to them.  Once the selection is made click actions > batch update and tick the box to re-cost jobs:


The right side of the window displayed will change to show all the controls available for re-costing jobs, just the same as re-costing a single job.

The utility allows you to update the cost value of timesheets and / or material sheets based on new cost rates which have been set up in file maintenance.  The options interface is designed to allow you to select only those timesheets / materials which you want to update.

The date from / to controls allow you to specify the date range based on timesheet / material dates.

Timesheets can be filtered by the staff resource and / or charge code used to create the timesheets (materials cannot be filtered in this way, it is all or nothing based on material dates).

You can choose to update cost rate, charge rate or both.  If charge rate is selected you will be offered the option to use job / phase estimated charge rate (as opposed to the base file maintenance rate).  You should choose this option if you use client prices or some other mechanism to fix charge rates at job level rather then every new timesheet picking up the base rate from file maintenance (team / staff / charge code etc).


Finally you can choose to include ticked or unticked costs.  The default is to only include unticked costs as these will not have been used in any reported profit calculations.  If you are certain that re-costing ticked off costs is safe to do and will not impact on previously used profit reports then you can choose to also include ticked off costs in the selection.

Once you have made you selection of costs to be updated click process.  The cost / charge rate on all selected records will then be updated based on your system setup - the hierarchy of cost and charge rates will be obeyed just as if the selected time / material records were being processed as new records.

Note that this utility updates actual cost and charge rates.  It has no effect on estimated costs or charges.

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