Single sign on (SSO)

David Stevenson -

Microsoft SSO is integrated into Synergist.  Setting this up allows users to log in to Synergist with their Microsoft account credentials.  Set up is simple, just click the gear icon > utilities > system parameters >details tab and check the box to enable Microsoft SSO (in the Passwords / Access section).

From this point on ALL Synergist users will have to log in with a Microsoft account rather than their Synergist user accounts - make sure that this is appropriate for your organisation before enabling.


Once enabled the login page for Synergist will change to indicate that Microsoft SSO has been enabled for all users:


Signing in with Microsoft will use the Synergist account that has a matching email address used to sign in to Microsoft.  It is, therefore, vital that email addresses on Synergist user accounts are entered correctly, and used on a single Synergist user account - if your email address is used on more than one Synergist user account you will be unable to log in to Synergist through Microsoft SSO until this is resolved by removing the email address from all but one Synergist user account.

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