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David Stevenson -

 In addition to saving views of data that define the selection of records to display (open jobs, clients on stop etc), users can also define which fields from the selected records should be displayed as columns.  So if you want to see gross margin, or pipeline status, as columns on a job list view, you can now do so via the column picker.

The filter button, available on all the main list screens, has the column picker option:


Selecting this opens a common interface showing which fields have been selected for display, and a list of other fields available for selection:


Gross margin and job type have been added from the available columns list and now appear as selected columns:


The new columns appear at the right hand side of the list view by default, but you can re-order all the columns by drag and drop in the selected columns list in the column picker interface:



New columns added via the column picker can used to sort the selection of data (click once for ascending sort, then click again to reverse the sort).  All columns can be made wider / narrower by clicking and dragging the divider between column headings, and these changes will be saved along with any filters and changes to columns displayed into a new saved view.

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