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Users can choose between two user interface options in Synergist.  The option is available by clicking on your avatar and choosing to display the Simple / Standard interface as required:



The Standard interface follows a design principle that any experienced user of Synergist will be familiar and comfortable with - a main menu control down the left edge of the screen that allows you to choose what data to display and the rest of the screen given over to "windows" or tabs displaying lists or input forms of jobs, clients, invoices etc.  All the tabs are displayed at all times and can be simply switched between by clicking on them:



Whilst the main menu bar is normally displayed at all times, it can be hidden by clicking on the hide menu button (arrow pointing left).  Note that having hidden the menu you will not be able to open new tabs from it until you click the button again to show the menu.  Closing tabs can be done individually by clicking the small x top right in each tab name, or multiple tabs can be closed at once from the menu of options you get by right-clicking on a tab name:




The Simple interface removes the main menu bar and replaces it with a horizontally displayed control, and every "tab" opened is displayed exclusively - no row of tabs is show for fast switching between them.  This interface is well suited to users who need access to one or two screens only in Synergist.  The power and flexibility of the Standard interface is there, but it is not permanently visible, using up screen real estate when it is seldom needed.  The functionality within each "tab" is identical, the only difference is in the UI used for choosing which "tab" to display and how to navigate between multiple open "tabs".



You open new tabs by choosing the section - Clients & Jobs, Reports etc - to display a simple list of options and make you choice from that.  The main area of the screen will display the new choice and the previously displayed "tab" will be hidden.  Switching between "tabs" is done via the open screen button top right:



Click the name to re-display that tab, or click the x to the right of the name to close that window.

You can make the Simple interface the default for all users in system parameters.  Ask your administrator or contact support for advice on how to do this.

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