v12.5 release overview

David Stevenson -

UI/UX improvements

  • A new brighter, crisper and more spacious interface has been introduced.
  • Improved readability has been achieved with increased font sizes, line-spacing and contrast throughout.
  • Button size, positioning and consistency have been revised in all areas - increasing usability and workflow.


Automated posting to Teams / Slack

Scheduled reports can be set to post to Slack or Teams channels to provide automated regular updates to the entire team.

Quickbooks Online integration

Posting of sales and purchase transactions directly into QuickBooks Online, negating the need for 3rd party integration tools.

Time & Expenses

  • Delegate entry of timesheets & expenses
  • Easier management of overtime in timesheet entry
  • Option to delete timesheets

Sales invoicing and planning

Batch draft invoicing

Create a batch of draft invoices in a single process across multiple clients and jobs.

Billing plan locking

Ability to lock / unlock multiple billing plans simultaneously from the 'Actions' button.

Calendar bookings

On screen indicators to highlight any bookings outside their planned date range.

Admin & setup

  • Two-factor (2FA) authentication for Synergist
  • Staff record - Weekly hours required / target chargeable- % option
  • User table - batch update available
  • Comprehensive exports from all File Maintenance tables
  • Assigning users to clients - improved functionality

Emojis & GIFs

Support for use of Emoji and animated GIFs in Synergist text fields

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