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Posted timesheets is an area where you can view and reverse posted timesheets for other users. Open the list from the Time & Expenses section in the main menu. The view will default to all timesheets created in the past year, click on the 'Filter' button to filter by date, job or phase, staff etc. You have an option to export the list to a CSV file. Tick the timesheets in the list, go to Export - Posted timesheets export. 


Reverse posted timesheets

The ability to reverse timesheets submitted by another user is controlled by a setting on the permissions tab of user records:


To reverse incorrect timesheets posted by another user, tick the timesheet(s) in the list and go to 'Actions' - 'Reverse selected timesheets'. This action will have created a new timesheet with a minus number of units, which will have cancelled out the incorrect time. 


Delete posted timesheets

In addition to reversing an incorrect timesheet, it is possible to delete incorrect timesheets.  Note that this will result in potential discrepancies to reports already generated.  If an audit trail of timesheet costs is important, always use the reversal feature above.  If an audit of time costs is not important, then you can delete timesheets if your user account has the correct permissions (approval tab of user record):


Note that the only option (other than blank) is un-invoiced timesheets.  If a timesheet is ticked off, it must be unticked before it can be deleted.  This is important to retain financial integrity with reports.  If your user account has deletion permission, a delete button appears in the posted timesheets interface:




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