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Setting up accounts link to Xero

This article takes you through the steps required to setup and use the integration between Synergist and the Xero accounting system. Once configured it offers the export of sales invoice and purchase invoice transactions from Synergist to Xero, including transaction level support for nominal codes and up to two Xero tracking categories if required.

Setting-up the accounts link

Go to Settings, then Companies. Open your company; on the ‘Accounts’ tab select ‘Xero’ in the ‘Accounts link’ drop-down.

Transaction status

Go to Settings > Companies > Your company > Accounts Details tab > Select the default status for sales and the default status for purchases transactions when they are exported to Xero. This can be either draft, submitted or authorised. 

Mapping the VAT codes in Synergist to your Xero tax types

The appropriate Xero 'Tax Types' need to be entered into the Synergist VAT table. To do this open Accounts link in the main menu; click on the 'Setup VAT codes' button and then the 'Get codes from Xero' button - you will need to log-in to Xero and allow access if you have not done so already.

Back in Synergist this will have opened the mapping facility, as per the screenshot below. You'll need to select the appropriate Xero tax code from the drop-downs for sales and purchases for each VAT code listed. Click 'Save' and then 'Return'. 

New clients & suppliers

Exporting to Xero has the same function with regard to creating new clients and suppliers as many other accounts packages. When exporting to accounts the user will get a prompt to tick a box to create the new client/supplier. Please be aware that Xero uses the client/supplier name so ensure that creating new accounts is genuine and not a mismatched spelling of the client/supplier name between Synergist and Xero. 

Tracking categories

If you wish to make use of tracking categories in Xero these must be set up both in Xero and in Synergist, you can use up to two. Please contact us for further information should you wish to use this option.  

Additional fields

These settings can be found through Settings > Companies > Your company > Accounts Details tab.

Xero does not allow as many options as some other accounts packages in terms of a reference. You can send over job number or order number for sales invoices and either the supplier reference or the Synergist PIR number for purchase invoices. Sales invoices have an additional setting to allow the line detail to be appended to the invoice line description (to be sent to the 'Description' field in Xero). Purchase invoices have an additional setting in Synergist version 12.4 onward, to include the job/phase number in the purchase description. 

Xero integrations

For cloud sites only, a ‘Partner’ type integration has been added, allowing a more permanent connection between Synergist and Xero, facilitating closer integration possibilities.

Clicking on the 'Connect to Xero' button in the Accounts link area will allow you to use the additional feature for importing purchases and expenses from Xero into Synergist.  


 Import purchase invoices

 For cloud sites only there is an option to import purchase invoices from Xero into Synergist.  This is useful if you use Receipt Bank or similar technology to automatically create invoices in Xero.  For more information see the article here on importing purchase invoices into Synergist.

Attached files

Files attached to purchase invoices in Synergist (scanned images of paper invoices, for example) will be sent to Xero when a batch is posted.


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