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Updated for Synergist 12.5

Activity Kanban boards are available in several areas of the product:

  • Main activity list
  • Client activity tab
  • Job activity tab
  • Opportunities activity tab

If you create an activity view and specify that it should appear in a separate tab (on clients, jobs etc.) the Kanban board view will also appear there.


From the Kanban interface, you can do the following actions:

  • Select a view: These are the same views you would have already set up for your activity lists.
  • Create a new activity (kanban card): This will create a new activity, in the normal way, in a separate tab. The activity will default to a ‘To do’.
  • Filter the items in the list using the search bar.
  • Select a different board: You may have a selection of boards. Kanban boards are created in the File Maintenance section of Synergist.


  • Drag a card from one column to another. You can drag a Kanban card from one column to another. If a card is dropped into the ‘Completed’ column the associated activity is automatically set as completed. If the card is moved out of the completed column, it is re-opened.


The selected view

The view of activity records displayed in the Kanban board is the same as the selected view. However, when viewed in a Kanban board, the completed items displayed are controlled by an additional filter.

This is useful for two reasons:

  1. You may only wish to see open activities – but you need to be able to drop them into the “Complete” column without them disappearing.

  2. If you are looking at the Kanban from the main activity list and there are thousands of completed activities, you would need to filter these to a sensible number of completed items.

Option to select the scope of completed items that will display in the board:

Quick add feature

If you're looking at a Kanban board from within a client or a job you can simplify the addition of new cards - the first column in your board will have a + button in it:


This removes the need to select client / job / phase and simply adds a new card to the current client / job / phase.  You can't use this feature from the main activities > Kanban view, that still requires you to specify client / job / phase when you add a new activity to the board.


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