An overview of Kanban boards

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A Kanban board is a workflow visualization tool that enables you to monitor the flow of work. In Synergist, a Kanban board is represented by a number of columns – each one a Kanban status.

Synergist will, by default, have three Kanban statuses and one Kanban board, though more can be added:

Each column has a number of cards, and each card represents a Synergist ‘Activity’ record. The user can drag an activity from one Kanban status to another.

Notice there are two display options available - the normal list view and the new ‘Kanban’ board. In both cases, you will see the same activities. You can switch from one display to the other using the buttons provided.


Kanban cards

In Kanban view, each card displays key information from the activity record:

Header area

At the top of the card, it displays an avatar of the owner of the activity. It then provides some status icons.

  • Number of attachments
  • Status - Whether the activity is complete (a green tick), and in the case of requisitions an amber tick if the requisition is not complete but has been actioned.
  • Link to open the activity

Main body

Under the heading area is other key information:

  • The subject (short description) of the activity
  • The activity details
  • Client name (clickable)
  • Type of activity
  • Date & time due (this is red if overdue)
  • Priority setting
  • Job number & description (clickable)
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