VAT Codes

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Synergist comes with two VAT codes by default, 0 and 1.  These are used for zero rated transactions and "normal" VAT rated transactions respectively.  If you require additional VAT codes you add those via file maintenance > VAT codes.

*Note on VAT code 0.  This built-in default VAT code cannot be edited freely.  It cannot be given a VAT rate other than zero, cannot be made inactive and cannot be restricted to specific companies, or associated with a country other than the system default country.  You can set accounts systems codes as described below, but that is all.

VAT codes in Synergist are numeric - 0, 1, 2, 3 etc but very often in accounts packages they are non-numeric.  In that case you should utilise the additional information fields to store the accounts package equivalent code.


*Note for Sage Line 50 users.  It is not necessary to enter any additional information for VAT codes.  We automatically prefix the VAT codes sent to Sage Line 50 with "T", so VAT code 0 becomes T0, VAT code 1 becomes T1 etc.

Normally VAT codes are the same across all your Synergist companies, but if you need to set up codes that are available to one or more companies, but not all, then you can use the company drop-down to choose which companies a VAT code can be used in.



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