Gantt view of phases

David Stevenson -

This view will show the job as the top bar in the chart with each phase shown below.  Depending on your setup you may be able to amend the start / finish dates by dragging job / phase start and end points.  Simple dependencies can also be set up by joining Gantt bars together:


Double click on a link (the orange line joining the end of one phase to the start of the next) to set any required lead / lag time.  You can link dates freely - start to start, finish to start etc.  Double clicking the bubble at the end of the link allows you to delete it (also available in the set lead / lag time controls):


If you use a 2 tier structure of phases and stages, and your system is set to use stage-driven dates then you will see phases and stages in the Gantt view, with the ability to link stages together via dependencies:


Output options available in the Gantt view are available on the download button.  The xml output can be imported into other products such as MS Project or Smartsheet.com.

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