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David Stevenson -

The my tasks feature allows simple allocation of estimates to staff resources without the need to book them into a calendar - you select the estimates from a list and use a batch update to assign them to a staff resource.

The feature needs to be enabled in system parameters:


Once enabled users will see a new item in the scheduling section of the main taskbar:


This opens a list of estimates with the usual views / actions / filter / delete and search controls.  Select one or more estimates displayed and choose actions > batch update to allow allocation to a team or resource.  Allocating an estimate to a user then makes it appear in the "my tasklist" view, which is the default for users.


In addition to allocating to team / resource some other actions can also be applied to the selected estimates, such as marking as complete / incomplete.  You can also de-allocate items so that they appear in the unallocated list for re-allocation.


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