Batch draft invoice creation

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Updated for Synergist 12.5

The Batch draft invoicing feature makes it possible to create draft invoices across multiple clients and jobs. This flexible feature enables the creation of a single invoice on a single job for a single client all the way up to the creation of multiple invoices for multiple jobs across multiple clients.

The Batch draft invoicing feature is available in the following areas

• Job list
• Phase list
• Client job list
• Client phase list


Selecting this option from the actions menu opens a new form that allows you to specify how many invoices to create (one per job or one per client), what the content should be based, invoice date and whether the invoices should be part / final invoices:


The more info section describes what default actions will be applied to every invoice.

The general section lets you choose between one invoice per job or one (multi-job) invoice per client.  You may choose to create invoices / credits / write off for every job / phase selected and whether or not these should be final, and also the invoice document date for all invoices.

The value to invoice can be based on planned value (as opposed to remaining net to invoice, or quoted price).  If you choose to invoice based on planned values you will be asked to enter a date range for billing plans to be included and the narrative content options will be restricted to quote or billing plan.

If you choose not to use planned values you can use between content options based on job or phase information such as description or quotation information.

Clicking continue will trigger the creation of draft invoices - a confirmation message is displayed once the process completes, and the new invoices will appear in your draft invoice list ready to be approved / made real as required.



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