Timesheet & Expenses delegation

David Stevenson -

This feature allows one user to enter time and / or expenses on behalf of another.  Both individuals need to exist in Synergist as users.  The user entering time / expenses must have permissions to do so, and the user on whose behalf time / expenses are being entered must have the necessary staff resource / expense supplier setup.

Setting up delegation is a simple matter of either opening the user who will be entering the data, and selecting the user(s) on whose behalf they will enter data, or opening the user the data will be entered on behalf of, and choosing which user(s) will be allowed to do so.

The delegation tab on a user record allows you to choose which approach to use.  In this screenshot, we are setting up a user to submit time and expenses on Helen's behalf.  Click the add button, choose the user to be allowed to enter data, and whether they can enter, time, expenses, or both.


Doing this automatically updates the delegation tab on Helen's user record to show those users who can enter data on her behalf:


Now, when davidst goes to timesheet entry (daily or weekly) or expenses entry, he can swicth between entering his own data, or Helen's:

Delegation_04.PNG Delegation_03.PNG



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