Import Purchase Invoices from a supported accounts package

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Products such as receipt bank are increasingly used to automate the creation of purchase invoices and expenses in accounts software.  These invoices can be imported into Synergist if your accounts package supports this.  Currently Xero and Quickbooks Online Edition can be used in this way.

In the export to accounts > purchases screen there is an option to "Get invoices from..." immediately below the list of purchase invoice batches:


On initial setup this list will contain invoices from the past 90 days.  Most, if not all of these will either be in Synergist already (if you are an existing Synergist user activating this feature for the first time), or not be required in Synergist if you are a new Synergist user.  Any invoices that you do not wish to import should be selected by ticking the box next to them, and choosing "Ignore" from the actions menu.  These items will not appear again in this interface.

If the supplier on an item exists in Synergist the purchase / expense column will indicate the type of supplier in Synergist.  Unknown suppliers (in Synergist) are shown in red, they will need to be created in Synergist before an invoice can be imported.

Clicking on an item displays more information depending on the nature of the item:

Purchases display items from the invoice allowing you to pick the phase that each item relates to.  Once a phase is selected you can then pick the purchase order from that phase the item belongs to (only purchase orders for the invoice supplier will be listed)


Expense also display items from the invoice and again it is required that you pick the phase in Synergist that each item relates to.  However, it is not necessary that a purchase order for each item exists already in Synergist, instead the expense type for each item is chosen from the drop-down.  An expense order in Synergist will be automatically created using this type.


Once all your purchases and expenses have been linked to phases and purchase orders / expense types, tick the boxes next to each invoice in the list and select Process selected from the actions menu.

The Set supplier option on the actions menu allows you to choose on an ad-hoc basis the supplier to use for any invoice to be processed.  Ideally this would never be required if the supplier data in both Synergist and you accounts system is kept in synch, but if a new supplier has been created in error in your accounts system by Receipt Bank or whatever then you can associate an invoice with an existing supplier in Synergist.

Mark as purchase / expense updates the entry in the list as appropriate.  This allows you to proceed with an unknown supplier dow the correct purchase / expense route in Synergist.

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