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Starting with Synergist version 12.5, cloud edition, there is a direct link to Quickbooks Online, removing the need to use Transaction Pro Importer as middleware to facilitate the import of batches of invoices from Synergist into Quickbooks.

The link needs to be chosen in company settings > accounts:


Options controlling what references are sent from Synergist to Quickbooks can be set on the Account details section:


Once you have set the link up go to Clients & jobs > Accounts link and click the button to authenticate with Quickbooks:


Once done this link will be persistent and only require re-authentication in the event of disconnecting Synergist & Quickbooks, from within either product.

Batches of invoices are created in the normal way via the export to accounts interface, and can be posted direct into Quickbooks by clicking the Post batch button next to each batch.

Missing client and supplier accounts will be created in Quickbooks, if this is the only validation failure in the batch - you will need to click Post batch a second time with the option to create missing accounts selected:


Other validation failures such as bad / missing nominal (item) codes or tax codes will need to be corrected in the batch prior to re-posting.

 If you have attached documents to a purchase invoice in Synergist, for example a scan of the paper invoice received from your supplier, then these documents will be transferred into Quickbooks when the batch containing the invoices is posted.  The attachments will appear on the invoice input screen in Quickbooks, from where they can be downloaded.

Another enhancement for Quickbooks Online users available in Synergist 12.5 is the ability to import purchase invoices from Quickbooks into Synergist.  So if you use receipt bank or a similar AI product to scan receipts and create invoices automatically in Quickbooks, you can then import these into Synergist.  For more information on this feature see the article here on importing purchase invoices from an accounts package.


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