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If you are not connecting to Synergist in the cloud, then you have what is called an "on-premises server".  This means that you (or your IT provider) are responsible for maintaining the server hardware, the operating system and all secure / offsite backups of your Synergist data.  This article is aimed at you.

In the event that you wish to allow users to connect to your Synergist database from outside the office you have several options.  The options available to you will depend on whether you need to use the full desktop client, or if you use the browser client.  There are some functional differences between these two, and the appearance is not exactly the same, but if you are familiar with the desktop software you will be able to use the browser client after a little practice.

Desktop client software

You will need either a terminal server on your office network, or some other remote control solution installed on your office desktop machine (TeamViewer, LogmeinRescue etc).  In the case of a terminal server being available it will need the 4D desktop software installing on it.  Be aware that this will increase the memory requirement for any user connected to the terminal server so you should provision ram accordingly.

Installing desktop-to-desktop remote control solutions will allow a user to connect to, and remote control their office computer, including launching 4D and connecting to the database as if they were in the office.

Synergist Express do not provide support in the implementation or use of these solutions, they would need to be discussed with your IT provider.

Note that making a vpn connection to your office network and connecting via 4D desktop across the vpn connection is not supported.  Performance will be degraded and will be unreliable.

Browser client

If you use the browser client you will be able to connect to your Synergist database by opening a port on the firewall that protects your office network from the internet.  You will then connect to the external address of your firewall router (or a resolvable name created for it), which will forward your connection on to the Synergist web server.  If you intend to open a port in this way it is advisable that you secure the connection by purchasing a suitable SSL certificate and installing on the on premises database server according to the instructions here.

If you have a vpn to your office network, then after connecting to that you will be able to connect to your Synergist web server in the same way as you do when in the office, which could remove the need for an SSL certificate, as the vpn connection is already secure.

Synergist Express do not provide support in the creation or modification of firewall rules, or in the provision of a vpn connection, they would have to be discussed with your IT provider.

Synergist cloud

A quick mention for our hosted solution. The Synergist Cloud is accessed by web browser only and securely hosted by us utilising Amazon Web Services. We maintain this platform, removing the need for any database server administration and providing a high-availability solution to users from anywhere with an internet connection.


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