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This is a feature available to professional and enterprise systems only.

If you need to invoice your clients for advertising related services you may need to include a line for the ASBOF / BASBOF fee.  This feature will do so automatically for you.


Once you have ticked the option in company settings > switches > sales invoicing section you will find a new item in file maintenance called Levies.  Set the rates for each as required:



Once your levies are set up in file maintenance you can assign them to appropriate supply types in file maintenance by clicking on the new Levy code dropdown that is now shown in your supply type input form:


Now, when a draft invoice is prepared using actual costs as content an additional line will be added for any levy amounts required for purchase costs being billed:



Note that a levy can be set for each line using the drop-down in the levy column of invoice line details.  This should not be necessary though, if you have assigned the correct levy code to all appropriate supply types.  The levy amount is calculated as the % rate of the net amount for all lines set to use a given levy code.


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