Draft sales invoice approval

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Updated for Synergist 12.5


This feature prevents draft sales invoices from being made real until they have been marked as approved.  Using the feature requires selecting users who can mark draft invoices as "ready for approval" and also as "approved".  These user settings are available on the approval tab, in the authorisation section:


Note that the default for new users is to allow all these authorisation actions, so when enabling draft approval you will need to remove the ability to perform actions, as required.  Normally you would allow anyone who can create a new draft invoice to be allowed to mark it as ready for approval, once they have completed their work on it.


The action of approving a draft, or making a draft ready for approval is done by ticking the relevant box on the details tab in the draft invoice.  On a new draft only the ready for approval option will be visible:


Once the draft is marked ready for approval, it can be marked as approved:


Any attempt to make the draft real before it is approved will produce an error:



There is an option to have email alerts relating to the approval process sent out.  When a draft is marked as ready for approval and email is sent to all users who are marked as draft approvers.  Note that if the user marking the draft ready for approval is also an approver, no alert is sent, that user can simply mark the draft as approved there and then.  Similarly, when a draft is approved an alert is sent to all users who have permission to convert to real, with the same caveat about the user doing the approving also being able to convert to real.  There is an option to only send these alerts to the user account set as the default handler on the client that the draft invoice is for

In addition there is an option to have a response email sent back to the user who actioned the previous step.  These alert settings are configured in company settings > alerts:




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