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Updated for Synergist 12.5

The quote options feature (Professional and Enterprise systems only) allows you to mark lines on your quote as either standard, option or picked option.  Standard and picked option lines are included in the quoted price for the job / phase, option lines are not.  Option lines will still be printed out on the quote but the line value is shown in a different column to the other lines.  This allows you to present a quote to your client with multiple optional items included that do not inflate the quoted price.  Once a decision is made about which option to go with you can mark that line as a picked option and regenerate the quote so that the picked item is included in the quoted price.

The control to manually mark lines as option / picked option are to the right of the text style controls:


Click on the ticks icon to choose.  Grey ticks = standard line, green ticks = option line, blue ticks = picked option.  You can see in the example above that the option line is not included in the billable total.

Options are typically used for purchase costs, and you can have set purchase estimates up such that they will automatically pull through to your quote as options.  On the details tab of the estimate in the status section you can mark an estimate as an option:


Note that doing so unticks the picked for estimate box.  These are mutually exclusive - you can't have an option item that is included in the estimate total.  When you build your quote from the estimate, this item will now create a quote line that is marked as an option.

In order to correctly print out a quote that uses option lines, you need a special layout that separates standard and picked values from option values:


The total will only include values in the Amount column, allowing your client to clearly see what is included, what is optional and the value of each optional item.

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