Data viewer - filtering, editing and adding data

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Filtering data

Once you have added your data type(s) you can apply filters. If you have multiple data types then ensure you have the radio button of the one you wish to filter selected:

This will open up all the filters that are available relating to the data type you have selected which you can select and then apply (NB, select 'edit' to amend dates and other data variants):

If you wish to filter all of your data types in the same way, you can simply adjust one and then apply those settings to the other data types. You can also re arrange the order of your data types my selecting them with the radio button and then either moving up or down as desired:

Editing data

It is always possible to edit any data type you have chosen. By selecting 'edit' you will be taken back to the original screen where you can amend the date parameters or even select a different data type if you wish.

Adding data

You may wish to view two or more data types on the same report. 'Add entry' will take you back to the initial screen where you can chose another entry to add. This can be repeated as many times as desired.

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