Filter and batch booking options

Jo Grant -

Updated for Synergist version 12.5

It is possible to filter the calendar view so that only bookings for a particular client/job/phase/stage are displayed (stage will only be available on bookings to 2 tier jobs). This is done using the right click on an existing booking within calendar bookings:


It can also be done by accessing the menu via a job/phase. For more information on that see our section on Job / phase bookings.

If you have chosen to filter the view you are able to perform certain actions on all the selected bookings.

  • Show all bookings (remove filter)
  • Move bookings
  • Revert to drafts
  • Confirm bookings (set as non-drafts)



Moving bookings: Selecting this option will open up a dialog box. You can choose to move the bookings in the current filter forward or backwards a number of weeks. The system defaults to only selecting items from today’s date.

Revert to drafts / confirm bookings: If you select ‘Revert to drafts’ this will change all the bookings in the filter to be ‘draft bookings’. A draft booking does not appear in the user’s ‘My Calendar’ view, and it is displayed with a hatching effect in the view. Confirming a booking makes the booking a normal ‘non-draft’ booking.

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