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This feature makes it easy for you to feedback to the traffic manager / handler the current status of jobs booked into your calendar.

The feedback section is accessed via the Status section of the calendar booking details form where the initial ‘To do’ status displays and has no emoticon. It would be for yourself to amend that status, for example to 'In progress':


Feedback statuses
There are five statuses to choose. The initial ‘To do’ status displays no emoticon. The remaining four statuses are as described below.

In Progress: If you start working on an item allocated via the calendar you would typically set the item to ‘In progress’. A green ‘happy face’ emoticon will then be displayed on the calendar booking – both in the My Calendar screen and in the shared Calendar Bookings as seen by the traffic manager.

Complete or (timesheet created): Once the work is complete, you would select this feedback option and would then, typically, create a timesheet.

Note: Once a timesheet has been created, the emoticon loses its black background.

More time required: If the work is going OK but you feel you have been unable to complete the work in the time allocated in the calendar, you should select this status. This will send an alert to the person who created the booking to inform that the budget for this item may need reviewing.

Stalled: If you have run into a problem and can no longer proceed with this booking, you would need to inform the traffic manager of the situation. This feedback status indicates there is a problem and will also automatically send an email alert to the creator of the booking.

On changing the feedback status to ‘stalled’, you should enter details in the notes section which would explain why you have stalled this - these notes will then be included in the email.

Cancelled: When the 'Cancelled' feed-back option is selected the time that was allocated to this booking no longer contributes to the hours in the loading thermometer when using the loading view. It remains visible in the bookings view, displaying the emoticon below. 

Email alert: The person who made the calendar booking would then receive an alert to ensure they know the project has stalled.

Feedback visibility: The feedback emoticons are visible in both My Calendar and in the main Calendar Bookings screens.
My Calendar:

Calendar bookings:

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