Multiple browser tabs

Jo Grant -

As well as having various Synergist tabs within your browser tab, it is possible to have multiple copies of Synergist open at any one time on the same browser. This is useful if you are clicking on links provided in Synergist alerts. If you are already logged into Synergist in a browser, the system simply opens up a new browser tab with the job/activity that you may have clicked on in your email alert without logging you out of your existing session.

You can also choose to manually open up a second copy of Synergist from your avatar at the top right corner of Synergist:

This may be useful if you are running reports in one browser tab while looking at jobs in another.

Please note: If you open up the same job (or any data) in both tabs, you may find you are unable to save changes since the system may assume you have already made changes to the same record in the other tab. This feature is only recommended for advanced users of Synergist.

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