Transfer costs utility

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A cost such as time, purchases or materials have been added to the wrong job phase.


Use the transfer cost utility to move these costs to the correct job phase.

The transfer utility can be selected from either the job actions button or from the phase actions button:

When you click on the Transfer costs you can select the phase(s) you wish to pick costs from:

*Please note that if you select "Transfer costs" from the phase you will only be able to transfer costs from the phase.  You will not be given the option to choose other phases.

To assign the target phase or stage to a cost, select the cost type tab, either Time, Materials or Purchases (in this example the Time tab has been selected) then select the checkbox to the left of the cost:

You will now need to choose which phase the costs are to be transferred to:

Click on the Assign Selected button and you will see that the section "Transfer costs to" is now populated with the assigned selected costs:

Now click on the Transfer button to proceed with transferring of the costs:

You should now see the message:




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