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Updated for Synergist 12.5

This interface is accessed from the estimate screen within a job or phase.  It lists existing time estimates by phase (and stage if using 2 tier). 

New time estimates can be created from here by clicking +add estimate.  New calendar bookings for an estimate can be created by clicking +add booking (after first expanding the estimate line in question).


In order to help inform the decision to create new calendar bookings the header area above the list has an option to display booking summaries.  This changes the display to show a summary per estimate line of total hours estimated, total of hours in "current" calendar bookings and total hours on timesheets (including pending) to give an hours remaining figure.  Only bookings dated on or after the current date are counted in "current" bookings.  Timesheets, real and pending, are all counted.  The remaining figure is then calculated from total estimated less total current bookings and total timesheets.

In the example below an estimate for one hour has been created.  A booking has been created for the hour, dated today, and there is also a timesheet already against this estimate for ½ hour.  Tomorrow, when the calendar booking falls into the past, the hours remaining will show 0.5 hours to book, as opposed to 0.5 hours over budget.


By default the column headings display financially-oriented numbers - cost and recommended charge.  Choose Bookings & timesheets from the control above the list to switch this to a more production-oriented view that shows columns for current bookings, timesheets and remaining hours as is shown in the summary view.

The Calendar control can be used to open the calendar bookings interface to either view bookings for this job / phase or to create new bookings.



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