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The WIP Aged report uses the exact same selection of data as WIP Retro, so please refer to that article for information on data selection, and how WIP is defined for WIP reporting.

Where the Retro report produces a single value for WIP for a job / phase, WIP Aged adds columns to the report to indicate the age of the costs that make up that total.  The total WIP for a job or phase will be identical for both reports (given the same run-time parameters), they use the same mechanisms to include and evaluate WIP.

Rather than split WIP by type of cost the default view for WIP Aged shows WIP broken by age - current is WIP dated in the past 29 days, 30 days is WIP dated 30 - 59 days in the past, 60 days WIP dated 60 - 89 days in the past etc.  This report does not use calendar months, so it can be run mid-month to still give you the WIP aging described above.

The final three columns are the same - quoted price / recommended charge / staff charge / order number (based on selected options),  Future PO and invoiced (or deferred if using revenue recognition).

Report specific options

  • Only show purchase values.  This option will only report purchase WIP.  Time & materials are ignored.
  • Only jobs which are in at the cut off.  Ignores jobs with a start date after the cut off date.  Rarely needed as costs would not normally be added to jobs not yet due to start.
  • Show staff charge rather than quote / recommended charge.  This swaps the value displayed in the PDF version to show total staff recommended charge (ie not just WIP charge) in place of the quoted price / total recommended charge figure.
  • Exclude jobs with draft invoices.  Costs ticked off against draft invoices are still counted as WIP - it is only real invoices that affect WIP.  This option completely removes jobs from the report if there is a draft invoice present when the report is run.
  • Show client order number.  Swaps the value shown in the staff charge / quoted price / total charge column for the client order number (PDF version only).
  • Show 120 days.  This removes the Future PO column and adds a further aging column for 120 days.
  • Split WIP by cost type.  This export-only option breaks out the WIP total for a column into purchase / time / material values, similar to WIP Retro.
  • Show sub totals only.  This option removes the job / phase detail from the report and only prints the sub-total values, as determined by the option selected on the sort order drop-down.  There is a further summary option in the report options drop-down to only show the grand total.
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