Batch processing

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Updated for Synergist 12.5

It is possible to create multiple activities of the same type at once from several list screens in Synergist:

  • Clients
  • Contacts
  • Jobs
  • Phases
  • Opportunities

The actions button on any of these lists has a Batch create activities option.


Selecting this will open a new window where you set default values for each activity to be created.  Title and type will be the same for every activity.  You choose to set a common owner for all, or to have the owner set to the related handler.  The start date / time will be set to 9:00 am today.  The due date can be set, if this is left blank it will be set to 10:00 am today.


The activities list has an option to allow batch updates to a selection of activities:


This allows certain fields to be updated on all selected activities, including the complete flag, activity type, owner, kanban status and any custom fields you may have created for activities.  Activity completion can be set to follow the complete status of any associated job or phase via the third option "mark as complete if job/phase is complete".


The display in calendar options can be used to show / remove the selected activities from the owner's calendar and / or watchers' calendars.  If you are adding the selected activities to calendars the start / due date / time currently set on each selected activity will be used, unless you are also using this form to batch set the start / due date / time on all selected activities, in which case those will be used.

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