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On records where attachments can be added you have the option to attach files stored in the cloud. The following cloud providers are currently supported:

  • Dropbox
  • Office 365/OneDrive


You must first have one or more of the supported cloud provider accounts. We recommend that only business accounts are used for Synergist attachment functionality, never personal accounts. Only files in shared areas of your cloud file system should be attached to Synergist. If a user attaches a file that only they have access to, other users will be unable to open the document.

To set-up the initial authorisation, click on the 'Cloud file selector' button, which is found on any Attachments tab in Synergist. 


A new window will appear. Select the 'Allow Access' button for the required cloud storage service. You will be presented with a log-in screen from your cloud provider and will then need to grant access for the application. Once done, the relevant service will be available in the 'Select files from...' area. At any time you can open the Cloud file selector and remove access in the access area.


Attaching a file

The user can now select files from the authorised cloud providers and attach these to records in Synergist. On the Attachments tab of a record, click on the 'Cloud file selector' button. Choose which cloud provider to select the files from by clicking on the relevant button (see below).


This will open a window from your cloud provider where you can select files to upload to Synergist. Once selected the files will appear in the Cloud connector window. To add these to the job click 'Save and close'. 


Opening a cloud attachment

To open a cloud attachment simply click on it and the document will open in its web application.

Note: Cloud attachments are not stored in Synergist, Synergist simply has a link to the original document. If the attachment is deleted in Synergist it will still exist in the cloud. Similarly, if the attachment is deleted in the cloud, the link will have been broken and it will not be possible to open the document from within Synergist.

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