Multi-user experience

Carol Schenn -

A small 'eye' icon is present to improve the visibility of other users within records, including on clients, jobs, opportunities, phases, activities and suppliers. When another user has the record open the eye icon will appear in the following places:

  • Main lists - The eye icon appears next to any records in the list that are being viewed or changed by another user. Hovering over the eye icon shows you the name of the user(s). 


  • Records - within a record, the header area shows other users who have the record open, along with their avatar picture if they have one. Hover over text gives the name of the user. 


Multiple users viewing the same record

Record saves now only occur when a user has updated a field or executed an action, minimising record saves by users simply viewing a record, which could lead to users who are editing the record losing unsaved changes. 

When another user updates the record you are viewing or editing, you will see the message below. This will appear as soon as they have saved a change to the record, so that you are warned that your own changes will be lost. You can copy any important text before clicking 'Refresh'. The refresh option allows you to re-load the record with the new changes made by the other user without having to close the record and re-open it. 


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