Holidays - dealing with timesheets

Dave Harvey -


How to capture holidays/annual leave within Synergist


There are a few options, which would normally be discussed as part of your implementation process.  In brief they are:

  • A single internal job and several charge codes to represent holiday, admin, meetings etc.
  • A single internal job for holidays and several internal jobs to represent other non-chargeable activities, each represented by a separate charge code
  • A separate internal job for each non-chargeable activity.  You can choose whether or not to create special charge codes for non-chargeable time in this scenario

If you do create charge codes for non-chargeable time they should be marked as being available on internal jobs only as demonstrated in the below screenshot.  Similarly all chargeable charge codes should be marked as available on external jobs only.


Other notes:

Often a job is used for each calendar or financial year, with phases to represent months

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