How to correct a mistakenly posted timesheet

Dave Harvey -


There are errors in a posted timesheet such as charge code, date, units etc.


There are two solutions for this - reverse the timesheet or transfer it to another phase and write it off:


Minus out the time and re-enter

  • post negative time to cancel out the incorrectly posted time: this can only be done in the daily timesheets.
  • The exact same time entry needs to be created (including date, charge code etc.) with the same units, but with a minus sign in front.
  • create a new, correct, timesheet as required


Other notes:

You may find you are unable to go back far enough in the calendar to post your correcting time. This may be due to a system setting for Synergist, go to the Settings section (cog icon top right), select Utilities and System parameters. The figure that needs increasing is the 'date entry leeway in months'.

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