Queried expenses

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Once you have submitted your expenses, the lines can be approved, queried, put on hold or rejected.

Queried and rejected are the only two actions that then require further input from you. You should receive an email advising you of their status (though this depends on system setup).

Queried expenses will appear in your expenses view with the number of lines noted in the queried column:

Notes are required by the approver in order for them to query your expenses. So, if you open up the sheet lines, you will see notes.

There are now three possible actions available to you:

Resubmit as is: Submitter's notes are a mandatory field and must be entered before being able to resubmit.

Edit and resubmit: It is possible to edit the line details but not the client, job, phase or (if applicable) stage.

NOTE: If you are resubmitting a line on a sheet that has already been posted, due to other lines being approved, then the line will be resubmitted on a new sheet. This sheet then also needs to be submitted.

Delete: It is possible to delete your expense if you made uneditable mistakes or if you no longer wish to enter the expense at all.



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